Installation 6 Volt Trafficator / Turn Signal / Brake Light Relay

Disconnect the ‘soft’ insulated wire from the lower screw connection. Solder this wire onto the upper screw connection.

Now insulate this upper screw connection from the contact pin which falls out of the magnetic coil when the trafficator springs out. Use the included insulating cap for this purpose (see diagram). Please make sure the insulating cap is properly fixed and not loose!

For 12 Volt vehicles it is necessary to install the included resistor (5% 1Ω 50W). See the12 Volt schematic diagram. When in operation the resistor becomes hot! Proper cooling is necessary. Do not place the resistor next to other components e.g., wires. Use 12 Volt, 5 Watt festoon bulbs in the trafficator.

Please note that all relay contacts must be properly insulated.

Relay Contacts:
· 1 wire from brake light switch 17
· 2 ground 31
· 3 wire from direction indicator switch mounted on the left side of the steering column, and from hazard lights (use 4-way connector, see schematic diagram) 4 as per 3, but right
· 5 wire from signal light flasher 49a
· 6 wire to brake light left
· 7 wire to trafficator light bulb left as well as front signal light left (if present)
· 8 wire to brake light right.
· 9 wire to trafficator light bulb right as well as from signal light right (if present)

Additional Components:
· 10 Front signal lights
· 11 Single chamber tail lights
· 12 Trafficator
· 13 Trafficator / Turn Signal / Brake Light Relay
· 14 Indicator on steering column
· 15 Hazard light switch without integrated relay
· 16 Signal light flasher
· 17 Brake light switch

15 = Ignition positive
30 = Battery positive
31 = Ground
49a = output signal light flasher