Save the Semaphore

Trafficator / Turn Signal / Brake Light Relay

for vintage cars with one chamber tail lights and trafficators. Without any loss of originality and need for additional turn signals, this retrofit provides blinking indicator lights to comply with (German) vehicle codes (crossover regulations § 72 StVZO, § 53 Abs. 2 and § 54 Abs. 3).

Thus with minimal effort, all vehicles originally outfitted with trafficators can continue driving as in their time.

only 9 plug-in connections
trafficator works together with turn signals
intermittent rear brake/signal lights
hazard lights
trailer connection possible
black, shock resistant plastic housing
simple installation with circuit diagram included
sturdy electromechanical design
compact dimensions (LxWxH 66 x 35 x 23 mm)